Windows XP Additional Tweaks

First version: 04.20.2004 | This revision: 01.08.2005 (GMT+8)


Some of these tweaks are VBS scripts and may trigger a warning from some antivirus programs.  If you wish to continue with the tweak, please allow the script to run completely.  When in doubt, do not use.
A local alternative download is included with each entry in case the original download fails.
For a tweak to be effective, you may need to rerun the application concerned, or even log off or restart Windows.

Description Original download Reference Remark
Microsoft TweakUI PowerToy Microsoft PowerToys For Windows XP SP1 and above only.  For older Windows versions, please see Links section.
Increase Internet Explorer simultaneous downloads from 2 to 10 Kelly's Korner Kelly's Korner
Theriot, MS MVP)
Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! Kelly's Korner Kelly's Korner Fixes your Windows Taskbar behavioral problems.
Cantonese PinYin Chinese IME Arthur Ho Arthur Ho Use local download first.  I found it elsewhere and it has updated Chinese characters.
Windows IP Configuration Utility Microsoft WNTIPCfg  
Dr. TCP Restart Windows for changes to take effect.
Disable Messenger Service (Popup SPAM) n / a Microsoft Instructions to disable Messenger Service - not used by home computers, but can be exploited by Spammers.
Stop Windows Messenger from auto start Not applicable Doug Knox (MS MVP) Deviated from the description by Doug Knox the original patch stops Windows Messenger from running altogether.  This download is a modified version to allow running Windows Messenger when told.
Speed up browsing Kelly's Korner    
Speed up network booting Kelly's Korner    
Change Windows clock synchronize interval   Doug Knox Windows default is 168 hours (7 days).  This tweak defaults to 24 hours.
Additional time servers n / a   Something I created for Windows XP : )
PPPoE tweak Only if you have a PPPoE (ADSL) connection.
Broadband network tweak  
Add ability to Windows Media Player 9 (WMP9) to copy (a.k.a. "rip") Audio CD tracks to MP3 media n / a   Source files from WMP10, which has the ability to rip CD tracks to MP3.  Tested on WMP9 only, may also work on WMP8.  Refer to the text file inside the Zipfile for instructions.


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Disclaimer :
This is an online self help guide created for my family and friends.  It remains under construction and will be modified, refined, and updated continually (when time permits).  While tweaks and applications have been tried and tested extensively on different systems to ensure compatibility and stability, Spymac Network, Inc. and I accept no responsibility for any loss of data as a result of computer failure, so
use at your own risk please.
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