Windows XP Logon Tips

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Windows XP Asks For User Logon After Exiting Standby

After coming out of Standby, Windows XP Welcome screen asks you to choose with which user account to logon even though your account is the only user account.

Disable Fast User Switching

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Double-click the User Accounts icon
  • Click Change the way users log on or off
  • Disable to option Use Fast User Switching

No Windows XP Welcome Screen - Needs To Enter User Name And Password

There is no Welcome Screen.  Windows XP asks for User Name and Password.

Enable the option Use the Welcome screen

  • See above for directions to access the option
Welcome Screen Option Enabled But Still Needs To Enter User Name And Password

Use the Welcome screen option is enabled, but there is no Welcome Screen.

Check whether Client Service for NetWare has been added to your Local Area Connection components.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Double-click the Network Connections icon
  • Right-click Local Area Connection and select Properties
  • If Client Service for NetWare is present, select it and click [Uninstall] button
  • Reboot when prompted
How To Stop Windows Messenger Log On Automatically When Launched

Windows Messenger logs on automatically when launched.

Remove saved Passport.Net password.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Double-click the User Accounts icon
  • Click on the account name to be fixed
  • Click Manage my network passwords on the left hand pane

  • Click on Passport.Net entry (see below) and click [Remove] button

If you wish to remove saved password of your Passport/Hotmail account so that Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger, select your Passport/Hotmail account and click [Remove].
Next time you sign in to your Passport/Hotmail account from Windows, do not tick the setting Sign me in automatically to remember your password.

To prevent Windows Messenger from starting automatically, please see Tweaks.



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