Simple Windows 9x/Me Fixes

First version: 2001 | This revision: 2001 (GMT+8)


File Description versions tested
Restores Windows default file association to Cabinet files Windows 95 / 98 / 98 SE / Me
This files restores file association to Windows Cabinet files.  Cabinet files are mostly used in Windows setup to stores setup files, Windows components and other essential system files.  Windows setup extracts the files it needs from these Cabinet files for installation.  If you install a zip program such as WinZip, the program can take over the file association and icon to these Cabinet files.  This registry fix restores association as well as icon to original setup.
Restores zip files association to Microsoft Plus! 98 Compressed Folder Windows 98 / 98 SE (with Microsoft Plus! 98)
One of the features in Microsoft Plus! 98 is the ability to create and open zip files as a folder.  If you install a zip program such as WinZip later, this feature is no longer available.  This registry patch restores this feature.
Windows Appearance schemes Windows 95 / 98 / 98 SE / Me
This doesn't fix anything.  It adds default Windows Millennium Edition and Windows 2000 colour schemes to your Windows 95/98 computers.

To use the schemes, go to Control Panel and double-click Display icon, then scroll down to either of the new colour schemes shown under Appearance, and click the Apply button.

Add File Attributes column in Windows Explorer Detail view Windows 98 SE
For some reasons, the File Attributes column in Detail view is no longer available to Windows 98 Second Edition Windows Explorer.  This registry patch adds the option of showing the File Attributes column.

To display the column after applying the patch, from your Windows Explorer menu, Tools -> Folder Options.  Go to View page and select Show file attributes in Detail View in the Advanced settings section.  Click OK to close.  Close Windows Explorer.  Next time you open Windows Explorer, you should see the Attributes column.

Associate WordPerfect documents to Microsoft Word Microsoft Word (all versions)
OK, so this isn't really for Windows.  I use Microsoft Word, but I also receive some WordPerfect documents from other people through email.  While Microsoft Word has file converters for opening different versions of WordPerfect documents, I cannot open it by simply double-clicking on the file.  This registry fix adds WordPerfect documents association to Microsoft Word.  You don't need this to open WordPerfect documents in Word, but it adds flexibility to opening the WordPerfect document type.
Windows 95 Font smoothing add-on Windows 95 ONLY
While Windows 98 has the ability to change its desktop system icons and smooth out edges of screen fonts, Windows 95 has to rely on adding Plus! for Windows 95 in order to obtain this feature.  While a copy of Plus! for Windows 95 is hard to come by in your local computer shops these days, all is not lost.  Microsoft has a not-so-well-known downloadable file called Windows 95 Font smoothing, which gives Windows 95 these same display options as Windows 98.  After applying this addon a Plus! page is added to Windows 95 Display properties which gives Windows 95 the following Plus! for Windows 95 and Windows 98 options:
  • change desktop system icons
  • smooth edges of screen fonts
  • animate windows and menus
  • show window contents while dragging

I find it isn't always easy searching for the font smoothing downloadable file each time, so I have included it here.  Please note that not all features are supported if your display card cannot support more than 256 colours.


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