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Q: What is the different between Microsoft Outlook (OL) and Outlook Express (OE) and which one shall I use?  
A: Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 257824.  
Q: Where is the Bcc field on a new message window?  
A: On the menu of your new message, click View then tick All Headers.  Or, press ALT+b.  
Q: The attachment in my email is locked.  How do I open it?  
A: On the main OE menu, click Tools > Options.  Go to Security tab and untick the option below.  This changes to a less secured setting - use at your own risk.

Q: I want to back up my messages and address book.  Where are they stored?  
A: See the full answers at InsideOE FAQ, but here is a quick hint at how to get an idea of the location of the folder where your messages are kept.

Q: I have a Hotmail account as well as my ISP POP3 email account, can I use OE for both?  
A: Yes.  To stand your OE to access your accounts, go to Tools > Accounts.  Click the Add button and select Mail, then follow the on screen wizard.
Please note your Hotmail has its own Inbox and is accessed as a cached folder offline.

UPDATE:  Microsoft has announced that access to Hotmail account using OE and OL will become a paid service by Q2 2005.

Q: How do I get OE to retrieve my Hotmail email into my local Inbox automatically?  
A: You cannot.  The only way is to manually drag and drop the email from one account's folder to another.

Q: Can I synchronize OE Address Book with OL Contacts?  
A: You can tweak Address Book to access Contacts by editing your Registry.
Any error in the Registry can cripple your system.  If you are not comfortable editing Registry, do not attempt this.
  1. Close your Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Address Book.
  2. Run REGEDIT and scroll to this location in the Registry:
  3. Right click the right hand pane and select New > DWORD value
  4. Name this new value UseOutlook and give it a value data of 1
  5. Close REGEDIT and your WAB should now be accessing your Outlook Contacts.

Alternatively, download and save this tweak to your hard drive, double click to merge into your Registry.
(This tweak has been tested on a combination of Outlook Express with Outlook 2000/2002, but not with Outlook 2003.)



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