Manual Update Symantec Norton Security Products (Intelligent Updater)

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Symantec does not release virus definition updates through LiveUpdate daily, so relying on LiveUpdate alone to provide the most up-to-date protection may not be enough.  Symantec, however, also offers the Intelligent Updater, their version of a manual update, on a near daily basis.  This explains the difference between LiveUpdate and Intelligent Updater.  The variation in release dates between LiveUpdate and Intelligent Updater means your computer is not protected from the very latest computer virus - you are protected up to the point of the last LiveUpdate release.  To maximize protection, download Intelligent Updater whenever you feel LiveUpdate is overdue.

This walks through the steps to obtain up-to-date virus protection using Intelligent Updater.

Open your Symantec security product and make a note of the date of the last LiveUpdate.
Navigate to Symantec Security Response Virus Definition Download Page.  Compare the dates of the latest Intelligent Updater and LiveUpdate releases with the date on your Symantec product obtained in the previous step.
Click the [Download Updates] button on the page.
Download the update file and save to a location on your hard drive.
The filename is made up from the date of the release and the extended version number in this format
Open Windows Explorer.  Locate the downloaded file.  Double-click to run Intelligent Updater.

Click [Yes] to begin update process.

Updating virus definition in progress.

When update is complete you will receive this message.

Click [OK] to close.

Check definition date on your Symantec Norton security product - should be the same as the date of the Intelligent Updater.
Remove the downloaded Intelligent Updater file from your hard drive.


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