Set Google As Default Windows XP Internet Explorer Search Engine
(Chinese | English Edition)

First version: 01.18.2005 | This revision: 01.22.2005 (GMT+8)


  Go to Control Panel.  Double-click Internet Options.

Click on [ Language ] button.

  Click the [ Add ] button.
  Scroll down the list and select English (United States) [en-us].

Click [ OK ] to add.

  Select the English language entry and click [ Move Up ].
The entry should now be moved to the top of the list.

Click [ OK ] to confirm changes.

  Click the Search icon on Internet Explorer.

Click the button marked in orange (see image),
followed by the Customize option.

  On the next screen, click [ Autosearch settings ].
  Select the options as shown.
You can elect to default to a different search engine.

Click [ OK ] to save changes.

  Optional for Chinese Windows:
Go back to Language option (see step 1 above)
and move the entry for English language to below the default Chinese language.

Additional alternative:  remove the English language entry altogether.



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