CDex Explained

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What is CDex and where can I download the program?
CDex is a freeware for extracting or "ripping" the tracks from an audio CD to a computer audio format, e.g., MP3.  You can download a copy of the latest version from its homepage.
How do I change the output folder used by CDex?
Click Options, then Settings.

You can also change the filename format of the files extracted on the same screen.

How do I change the encoding bitrate or change to another audio file format for new files?
Again, you can find the function by clicking Options then Settings.

To change the file format, click the Encoder pull down menu and select your format.  (The example shown is using MP3)

You will find a choice of bitrate under Encoder Options.

How do I alter the bitrate of existing files or convert to another format?
Step 1 : Change to your desired bitrate and/or format (see above).

Step 2 : Click Convert then Re-encode Compressed Audio File(s)

Step 3 : Click the button next to Directory and select the folder storing the audio files you wish to change/convert.

Step 4 : Select your files.

To select more than one files, hold down CTRL key on your keyboard as you make your selection.  To select all files: CTRL+A (press and hold CTRL key then press A key).

Step 5 : Click the [Convert] button to commence operation.

I am not getting good quality from the LAME MP3 encoder, is there anything I can do?
Download and replace the LAME encoder stored in the same folder as CDex with this latest stable version.
I hit on a problem using CDex.  What can I do?
Visit the CDex FAQ.


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