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C i n e m a g i c

The Internet Movie Database
Everything you wanted to know about a movie or an actor but were afraid to ask.

DVD Talk
DVD news, review, and more...

An online community started by Kevin Spacey to develop and share your film making and screenwriting skills.  Free account/registration required.

DVD Easter Eggs.com
Can't find the Easter Eggs hidden on your DVD movie?

DVD Review
DVD news, information, releases...

Dolby Digital vs. DTS
What is the difference?

The magazine


M u s i c b o x

Music charts.

Britney Spears
Need we say more?

Chris de Burgh
His official website.

Classical Net
Things you want to know about Classic Music.

Diana Krall
Mrs. Elvis Costello at her official website.

Faith Hill
Official website.

Five For Fighting
Official website.

Free MIDI Zone
Find and download your free MIDI music.

For the best independent music.

Herb Alpert
The "A" in the A&M Records label, and a musician in his own right.

The official website of one of my favorite singer-songwriters.

John Critchinson
A very talented English jazz pianist.

Ken Hirai
Japanese vocalist, currently under the Sony Music label.

Lisa Ekdahl
A versatile Swedish jazz vocalist with a unique voice.

The Blues Brothers Lyrics Archive
Long live John Belushi!

Mariah Carey.com
You have to admire the vocal range of her voice.

Morrissey Mullen
Likely to be the only online discography on THE BEST BRITISH JAZZ FUNK BAND!
Sadly, Dick Morrissey has passed away in year 2000.

Sarah McLachlan
Another favorite singer-songwriter.

Stan's Carmina Burana Page
If you don't know what this is, you'll find out when the music starts playing.

Suzanne Vega
Her official website - the ultimate favorite singer-songwriter. (with free MP3 files available for download)

Talking Heads
Information on the band.

Trisha Yearwood
Official website.


C o u c h t a t o



T r a v e l c i e r g e



L a n g u i s t i c s



E n g a r d e !

Chilwell Blades
One of the many fencing clubs in Nottingham, England.

Federation Internationale d'Escrime
A.K.A. F.I.E, i.e., the International Fencing Federation.

The Official F.I.E. Photographer.


S t a r f l e e t



o S h o p p i n g

Broadway Circuit


Golden Harvest


B i r t h o l o g y



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